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Healthcare & Insurance

Our extensive experience as a leading call center affords us the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients and industries.  Our ability and willingness to tailor our services to your needs are transferable skills for health care and insurance.

We can help you plan for and reach cost-containment targets, increase customer satisfaction, boost retention of existing members, and help you attract new businesses.  At OneLink, we also offer a wide range of outbound telemarketing medical campaigns that affects two key considerations in people’s lives: health and money.
With our experience in providing end-to-end, customized business process outsourcing solutions to healthcare providers and buyers, OneLink is ready to help clients meet these challenges. Our solutions enable clients to seamlessly migrate from a B2B to a B2C delivery model post the reforms.
We provide the following services for our healthcare provider clients:

Member Enrollment
Physician Enrollment
Receivables Management
Eligibility Review
Patient Financing


Telecom companies that choose to outsource operations with OneLink are able to keep 24-hour customer service and technical support lines open. We operate with professionals who are in a different time zone to handle customers calling in complaints. Outsourcing also results in lower prices for telecommunication products for consumers.

We recognize that telemarketing initiatives for the telecom industry need to be highly targeted, consistent and rapidly deployed.

Our call center partners are specially trained in the consumer and business sectors of telecommunications. Customer Service Specialists are experienced in selling bundles of products to the consumer market and business market, helping to build strong relationships as a channel for marketing additional services.

Cables and Satellite

Customers get more demanding every day. They expect great products and consistent, flawless services. In the field of Cables and Satellite, we have the ability to exceed their expectations by connecting all your customer touch points so you can provide the real-time answers they want.

The latest market research shows that customer loyalty to cable and satellite companies has slipped dramatically. With the proliferation of mobile devices for consuming content and over-the-top content providers siphoning off more and more customers.

Banking and Finance

At OneLink, we recognize that finances are concerned with people more than money.  Today’s uncertain economy may be making your customers a little more anxious about their financial circumstances and where to invest.  We can assist you in these fields.

OneLink understands these concerns and the critical nature of each contact you make with your customers. Banks and financial institutions need to make sure each call is handled confidently and courteously, and each caller must feel that he or she is in the hands of an experienced agent ready to help.

Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utility providers are faced with increased competition as a result of deregulation and providing excellent customer service.  Exceeding customer expectation is now more critical than ever to attract and retain customers.

OneLink excels at providing outsourced telemarketing and customer support solutions for the utilities industry. Whether your needs require inbound, outbound or crisis management services such as notification of power outages, we will do the work of matching your needs with the center.  We will utilize our agents who are specifically trained and experienced in interacting with utility customers.