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Inbound Services

We are a well-established and reputed outsourcing company, which can handle a wide array of inbound services. Our high-tech infrastructure, presence of skilled call center professionals and usage of latest telecommunication software helps us provide prompt and efficient call center support and phone answering services 24×7 that are tailor-made for your customers.

Customer Service

Onelink offers Inbound Customer Services 24 hours, round the year. Hence now we shall not let you miss your important business calls, as the responsibility of satisfying your customers is efficiently shouldered by us.

Every single call, routed in our Inbound Call Center, is handled by highly trained and professional CSR who makes sure that at the end of the call, your precious customer is satisfied, and gets the right information for all his inquiries.

That’s why Industry leaders across the globe rely on Onelink to fulfill their needs in customer service.

Technical Support

We deliver an added level of comfort and convenience to your customers.

Technical support made easy in a language your customers can relate to.

Our dedicated integration teams work within your technological infrastructure and our proprietary platforms to provide you with custom solutions to meet the needs of your diverse customer base.

Your brand and your customers deserve the best in technical support. It’s a positive resolution with Global Response.

Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales involves marketing focused on becoming found by desired customers. So Inbound sales representatives, product knowledge and sales strategy are important in an inbound selling process.

Our experienced inbound sales executive team are well trained for your products and we follow a strong sales strategy, which can be customized for your products and services.